4 Things Realtors Wish Our Sellers Knew About

    When going to meet with a prospective seller, you never want to hurt their feelings but sometimes you just gotta be straight with them. Here’s what I wish sellers knew without me having to say anything:

    Your home decor is not always the best for selling.

    Home buyers are looking for a clean slate so they can imagine themselves living there. Too much personal and taste specific decorating might overwhelm a potential buyer. You don’t want to strip your house and leave it feeling cold and sterile but you don’t want your things to get in the way either. Also, clutter can make a home feel cramped and smaller than it actually is. Think about storing extra items of furniture and creating a “less is more” home feel.

    Don’t be secretive with your agent.

    Please disclose everything you can to your agent such as: leaky faucets, previous water damage, termite issues/treatment, etc. Keeping your home’s flaws from your agent will only hurt your sale. Be upfront so that nothing will hinder a buyer from moving forward with purchasing your home.

    Remodeling doesn’t always guarantee a higher selling price. 

    Remodeling projects are great and can really enhance your property.  If you install granite in your kitchen and every other home in the neighborhood that has sold also had granite, you won’t necessarily recoup the entire amount you paid for the new counter tops. Always check with your agent before spending money on remodeling. We can let you know what is a good investment versus over improving for the area.

    Be prepared to fix some things.

    You may have to spend a few dollars to prepare your home for sale. Painting trim that has been scratched up by the dog is a must. Power wash the deck and front walk area. Paint the front door with a fresh color.  Replace old outdated bathroom faucets and mirrors for a quick update. Buyers love a neat and clean look and your overall sales price will reflect what you put into preparing your home for sale.

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